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All Edible Paint Your Cookies!


Such a fun activities for kids of all ages. 


-Birthday Parties

-Summer Camp Activities 

-Day Care Arts & Craft Time or just fun at home with the family.


Each pack comes with 6 large shortbread cookies 4 edible paint pallets (standard rainbow colors and pastels) 2 brushes and

2 mini containers for water. 


Choose from our girl themed pack- variety

of rainbows, unicorns, cupcakes, dolls, etc


Or our boy themed pack- variety of rockets, friendly monsters, dinosaurs, cartoon characters, etc. 

order today!

How To Paint:


1. Keep the paint pallets in the bag until ready to paint. 

2. Dip the brush in water and touch the paint to activate color. 

3. Don’t use too much water, to keep the black outline from mixing with the colors. 

4. Do keep a paper towel handy to clean brushes in between colors. 

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