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Please Read This Before Placing An Order! 

These Terms & Conditions Apply To ALL Services.

Delicate Creations Custom Cakes, LLC has a No Refund Policy.

Creating a custom cake takes time.  In many instances, this can take a few weeks for ordering necessary ingredients and supplies. Drafting a Design and the creation of custom elements, that need to dry at each phase of the creation process, usually takes several days. This allows us to accommodate multiple hours of planning & preparation.  Therefore, it is important for you to understand our policies, terms & conditions prior to placing your order.  

Flowers & Toppers:

We are more than willing to decorate your cake with fresh flowers upon delivery. If you have a specific layout, you should give us a sketch of exact placement. Flowers for the cake, table (or anywhere else) need to be provided by your florist. If flowers need to be purchased by Delicate Creations, the price of the flowers will be included in your contracted price. Please be certain to provide examples of the specific colors and types of flowers you want on your cake. We will also be glad to work with your florist directly to ensure that everything matches.  You acknowledge that fresh flowers are not a food product, and may contain pesticides, insects, dirt, or other contaminants. As such, you hold harmless Delicate Creations of any food borne illnesses that should arise from such a case. 


Toppers can be given to Delicate Creations one week before your wedding or event. Cake toppers that are too heavy or not secured properly may cause damage to your cake. If any party, other than Delicate Creations employee adds to a cake, we are not responsible for damage to the topper or to the cake.

Cake Table:

The responsible party for the contract is responsible for ensuring that there is a cake table available at delivery time. If the table is to be skirted or otherwise covered, it must be prepared before the cake is set up. The table must be secure and level and must be able to support a minimum of 50 pounds. Once the cake is set up, it is no longer the responsibility of Delicate Creations.


Please ensure that an appropriate cake stand will be available and on the table prior to delivery. There is a $100 refundable deposit along with a nonrefundable $50.00 rental fee if you choose to rent from us. The stand/tower must be returned within 3 days after the event in good condition to have your deposit returned or, it will be forfeited.

Delivery Confirmation:

In the event that the client will not be available during the delivery, they will be responsible for having a designated person meet the Delicate Creations representative(s) at the venue. This person will be required to sign a confirmation that the cake and all necessary items have been accounted for and delivered. The contact's name and cell phone number must be provided 3 days prior to event.


Cake Storage:

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the cake will be stored/set-up in an area that is climate controlled to ensure that the cake remains intact and retains its original condition.  Extreme high temperatures and humidity due to weather conditions and the lack of a cool environment at the appointed location will adversely affect the condition of the cake. Delicate Creations ensures the quality of every product upon delivery and will not be held responsible for unfavorable conditions at the cake’s destination.

There is always a risk of transporting cake.  However, if your cake arrives in an unfavorable condition, we will make every attempt to correct, restore or hide any imperfections that may have been caused during transport.  Due to unexpected acts of nature, traffic and unforeseen accidents, this is beyond the control of Delicate Creations. Because the contracted work will have been provided, it does not warrant a refund.


We always photograph our cakes and we reserve the right to use any photographs for display and or promotion without notice or compensation to you.

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